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Synergia Life Sciences Pvt Ltd., from the Viridis Biopharma group, offers natural ingredient medicines and innovative healthcare solutions using neoteric research, thereby evolving consumer lives for the better.

About Us

Finding synergy since 2004

At Synergia Life Sciences, we work tirelessly to bring the most valuable bioactive natural agents into their novelty and cutting-edge healthcare products to make lifestyle of patients, penny plain, unfussy and fundamental. Some of our world class products are MenaquinGold® (vitamin K2-7), an all-natural, non-genetically modified vitamin, is a magic bullet to many aliments – discovered by Synergia. We have been the FIRST to use Green Process in the production of vitamin K2-7, and is patented as well.

Our spore probiotics – like (Bacillus subtilis) HU 58, (Bacillus indicus) HU 36, (Bacillus coagulans) SC 208, (Bacillus licheniformis) SC 307, (Bacillus clausii) SC 109 and series of probiotics that bring microbiome therapeutics to reality, along with the state-of-the-art technology and advantages of ambient storage and transport.

And now, for the first time in the world you have a probiotic ingredient in the syrup and vial form for consumption, and that does not need refrigeration. Vitamin K1 and psychobiotics are some of the next-gen pipeline of innovative products.

Corporate Leadership
Harshad Vora

Harshad Vora, Chairman

Dilip Mehta

Dilip Mehta, CEO

Anslem de Souza

Anslem de Souza, Managing Director

Synergia World

Synergia Life Sciences has a global presence, spread across 27 nations, from USA and Europe in the west, to Asia, Africa and the middle-eastern countries.

Synergia World

Vitamin K2-7 - MenaquinGold®

MenaquinGold® - a natural vitamin K2-7 is arguably the most interesting vitamin of the decade. Its function is unique and its beneficial effects on bone and cardiovascular health have been clearly documented.

Vitamin K2-7 - MenaquinGold®


Probiotics are live microbes that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit to the host. Offering beneficial nutrients, antimicrobials and innate immunity, Bacillus species have been used as probiotics for several years.

HU58® Bacillus Subtilis HU36 SC208 Bacillus coagulans, SC307 Bacillus licheniformis, SC109 Bacillus clausii SC208 Bacillus coagulans SC307 Bacillus licheniformis SC109 Bacillus clausii

HU58® and HU36® are under license from
Royal Holloway, University of London

Facilities & Technology

Our proprietary advanced fermentation technology helps develop and deliver sustainable specialty products that are poised to revolutionize life care and strengthen well-being from within.

Synergia Fermentation Facility
  • Situated in Wada, Maharashtra, the site’s facility has fermentation capability to manufacture Vitamin K2 as well as probiotics.
  • The site is certified for cGMP, ISO 22000, NSF GMP, HACCP.
Unique Features
  • High yielding production strains.
  • Zero discharge effluent technology.
  • Low solvent process.
  • Cryo grinding formulation technology.
  • Anaerobic fermentation.
Synergia Fermentation Facility
Synergia Formulation Facility
Synergia Formulation Facility
  • Riata Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Synergia’s dedicated probiotic formulation facility is located in Vadodara, Gujarat.
  • This site is cGMP certified.
  • Manufacturing of patented probiotic liquid syrup.
  • Capabilities to also manufacture capsule, drops, vials.
  • Capabilities of producing different anerobic formulations.
Patents & Certifications

The abstracts of the Patents published along with titles and publication details.

We are a research-driven company, committed to international standards of product quality. We have received the following certifications or approvals :


Our facility is certified with cGMP 21CFR Part 110 & 111 US-FDA standards for food & dietary supplements. We received it in the year 2008.


We have successfully received HACCP certification in the year 2009 for implementing & maintaining HACCP system.


We received ISO 22000 certification in the year 2013 for maintaining a Food Safety Management System.


We received NSF GMP certification in 2014 meeting requirements in NSF / ANSI standard 173, Section 8.

Halal Committee

We are registered with Halal Committee (Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra) for the product since 2011.

Kosher (KOF-K)

We have received Kosher
(KOF-K) certification for the product since 2010.


We have received Non-GMO certification for the product since 2015.

Other Certifications

Non-Irradiation CertificateNon-Irradiation
Certificate of Process & OriginCertificate of
Process & Origin
Allergen CertificateAllergen
Certificate of Absence of NattokinaseCertificate of Absence
of Nattokinase
Certificate of Absence of BSE AgentsCertificate of Absence
of BSE Agents
Certificate of Absence of Heavy MetalsCertificate of Absence
of Heavy Metals
Non-Irradiation Certificate of Absence of MycotoxinNon-Irradiation
Certificate of Absence
of Mycotoxin
Non-Irradiation Certificate of Absence of PesticidesNon-Irradiation
Certificate of Absence
of Pesticides
Non-Irradiation Certificate of Absence of PolydimethylsiloxaneNon-Irradiation
Certificate of Absence
of Polydimethylsiloxane
Non-Irradiation Certificate of Absence of Extraction SolventNon-Irradiation
Certificate of Absence
of Extraction Solvent
Non-Irradiation Certificate of Micro-biological SpecificationNon-Irradiation
Certificate of Micro-
biological Specification
Non-Irradiation Certificate of Doxins, PCBs, PAHsNon-Irradiation
Certificate of
Doxins, PCBs, PAHs
Non-Irradiation Certificate of Not Tested on AnimalsNon-Irradiation
Certificate of Not
Tested on Animals
News & Events
Synergia Life Sciences Events

As an emerging player in the global nutraceuticals market, Synergia Life Sciences has showcased MenaquinGold®at a number of exhibitions and conferences dealing with dietary supplement, food supplement and functional food & drink industries. Here are some of the latest exhibitions in which we played a part.

Vitafoods - Europe

Stall No. F55

15 - 17 May 2018, 11:30 am

Synergia Life Sciences
Vitafoods - Asia

Stall No. I20

11 - 12 Sept 2018, 11:30 am

Food ingredients - Asia

Stall No. R12

03 - 05 Oct 2018, 11:30 am

Synergia Life Sciences
Supply Side West -  Las Vegas

Stall No. 2379

08 - 09 Nov 2018, 11:30 am
Las Vegas

CPhlindia - Delhi NCR

Stall No. Awaited

12 - 14 Dec 2018
Delhi NCR

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